Teachings from May 2021

“Deacons and Deceivers” – Acts 6 (Sunday 5/30/21)

In Acts 6 deacons were selected to care for the widows and needs for the church. One deacon who was filled with the Holy Spirit, Stephen, was chosen as a deacon and then accused of blaspheming. Pastor Keith shows us that those who accuse will have to face God for the lies they told about us. We are not to be troubled, but to trust God.

“Prepare the Gallows” – Esther 5 (Tuesday 5/25/21)

Esther goes before the king, who presents her with his golden scepter, granting her favor and offering her a request of up to half his kingdom. Esther merely requests that the king and Haman come to a banquet she has prepared. Later, Haman sees Mordecai, who does not tremble before him, which infuraties Haman. Haman’s wife and friends advise him to make a gallows for Mordecai, and at the banquet submit a request to the king that he be hanged.…

“Envy Gets in the Way of God’s Purpose” – Acts 5:16-42 (Sunday 5/23/21)

In the last Part of Acts 5, after the apostles are freed from prison by the Angel of the Lord, the religious leaders still asked Peter not to speak in the name of Jesus, but he replied in verse 29, “We will serve God and not man”. These leaders then plotted to kill them, but Gamaliel advised them to leave the followers alone. Pastor Keith points out that just as cod fish were more tasty when catfish were around, so…

“Undercover Missionaries” – Esther 4 (Tuesday 5/18/21)

The Jews, mourning the news of the decree made by king Ahaseurus, send word to Queen Esther of their imminent destruction. Mordecai sends a plea to Esther to appeal on her people’s behalf. Esther commands Mordecai and the Jews to fast for three days and nights and agrees to appeal to the king. Pastor Keith demonstrates how sometimes people are placed in positions where they are working undercover for the Lord. These people may not always be aware or even…

“Liar Liar, Pants on Fire” – Acts 5:1-26 (Sunday 5/16/21)

Pastor Keith explains how Ananias, with Sapphira lie to the Holy Spirit about the price of their property and donation and compares it to how we can act like we are glorifying God with what we give and not be honest about it. The main problem here was hypocrisy. The rest of this passage in Acts 5 showed the great presence of the Holy Spirit in the disciples. People brought the sick out and were healed. This same presence and…

“Manipulators Always Lose” – Esther 3 (Tuesday 5/11/21)

Mordecai, Esther’s cousin, refuses to bow to Haman, who was recently promoted by King Ahasuerus. This offends Haman, who decides to seek revenge against not only Mordecai, but all the Jews. Haman advises King Ahasueres to write a decree against the Jews for following their own customs, and not the king’s. Letters are sent to all the provinces with instructions to annihilate the Jews and plunder their possessions.

“Mother’s Influence” – 2 Timothy 1:5 (Sunday 5/9/21)

Pastor Keith reminds us of how influential mothers are. In 2 Timothy 1:5 Paul shares that the sincere faith was first lived in Timothy’s grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice. Members of their congregation share beautiful and emotional testimonies of their mothers’ and grandmothers’ unfailing love and support.

“A New Queen” – Esther 2 (Tuesday 5/4/21)

Coming to his senses after his royal decree against Queen Vashti, the king realizes that he is in need of a replacement queen. Arrangements are made to gather many young, beautiful virgins in order to seek a replacement. Among these is Esther, cousin of Mordecai, who is a beautiful orphaned Jewish girl. Esther impresses the king’s eunuch who advises her on how to seek the king’s favor, which she succeeds at. Esther is made Queen and a feast is prepared…
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