It’s all about Jesus!

Come join us this Sunday @ 9:30 am for church service and Tuesday @ 7:00 pm for Bible study. We would love to have you.

Club Zion is a passionate, non-denominational, Bible-based church located in a laid-back beach and surf community called Cocoa Beach, FL.

We welcome all those who seek our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whether you are a long-time member or a visitor from out of town.

Latest Sermons

“Celebrate the Providence of God” – Esther 9 & 10 (Tuesday 6/15/21)

On the day that the Jews were to be annihilated, the opposite actually occurs, and the Jews overpower their enemies. Mordecai becomes famous for rescuing the Jews from their terrible fate. The Jews celebrate with feasting and gladness as they vanquish their enemies all over the region. They establish the holy day of Purim to celebrate the time that Esther successfully petitioned the king and order all generations of Jews to celebrate that day each year.

The Power of God: Acts 8 (6/13/2021)

In Acts 8, Saul approved of the stoning of Stephen and was a persecutor of the church. This action was legal and applauded, much as today’s abortion is legal and applauded. People were dragged out of their houses. When the church was spread they continued to teach the gospel. God uses the evil intended for good.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 6:23

Location Details

830 S Atlantic Ave Cocoa Beach, FL 32931