About Club Zion Community Church

About Club Zion Community Church

Club Zion Community Church Cocoa Beach Florida Brevard County


Club Zion Community Church is a passionate, non-denominational church located in a laid-back beach and surf community called Cocoa Beach, FL. We rely on Scripture as the source of God’s ultimate wisdom and authority, and all of our teachings are strictly Bible-based.

We welcome all those who seek our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whether you are a long-time member or a visitor from out of town.

Our Unusual Name

By definition, CLUB is a group of persons organized for a purpose, to unite, combine, join together to contribute towards a joint purpose. ZION is Heaven, the final gathering place of true believers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our name reflects our humble beginnings as a storefront ministry in downtown Cocoa Beach aimed at reaching the teens and young adults in our community. While God has miraculously grown His church through the efforts of many people, we are determined to remain humble and recognize that neither our works nor our name are the cause.

Club Zion has so much to offer you and your family that we hope you’ll take some time to explore our website and discover how God is speaking to you.

It’s All About Jesus and we give the Glory to God.

Our Main Focus

We are committed to teaching the Word to the children of God in an expositional manner: word upon word, line upon line, using the inductive Bible study method. We believe the only way a Christian can truly grow is by ingesting the Word of God.

Our Mission Statement

Club Zion Community Church offers you and your family a place to congregate, worship, and learn in a tranquil and casual setting. By faithfully committing to the teachings and principles of God’s Word, anyone can find inward tranquility and peace. We are here to join you on your lifelong journey of faith and understanding.

Our Statement of Faith

We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. That the triune God exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is God, was born of a virgin, died, shed His blood as man’s substitutionary sacrifice, rose bodily, and ascended to heaven, where He is presently exalted at the Father’s right hand. We believe the Father sent the Holy Spirit of truth to indwell us and guide us into all the truth.

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” 

Romans 10:17

Club Zion Deacons March 17th, 2024

Club Zion Elders and Deacons

Pastor Keith and Debbie Capizzi

A message from Pastor Keith I’m Pastor Keith Capizzi, As your Pastor, I want to first thank our God and Lord Jesus Christ for the incredible opportunity and privilege to serve you. I look forward to another year as we co-labor together in serving our Lord. Thank you for all of the help, cooperation, and encouragement you’ve shown in serving this ministry over the years. It’s a blessing to me to be your Pastor and I consider it an honor…

Jay and Judith Kelso

Jay and Judith joined Club Zion in 2009 and became Deacons in 2019. They have been married for 15 years, have 7 children and 11 grandchildren. Judith, a native of Toronto, Ontario is a greeter on Sunday mornings and administers the church’s Foundations class.  Jay, born and raised in Cocoa beach, plays percussion in the worship band and assists other ministries as needed. We both love the Lord and are blessed to serve Him.

Bill and Pam Kabboord

Bill and Pam joined Club Zion in 2012 and became Deacons in 2013. They have been married for 47 years and have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. Bill is the Sound Ministry leader and enjoys creating the sound for the worship band and their music. Pam helps out as a teacher in the Sunday School which she enjoys teaching and doing crafts with the children.  They enjoy boating and fishing and spend time at their home in the mountains of…

Frank and Fran Quattrocchi

We joined Club Zion in 2013 & enjoy serving this community especially through prayer and His Word.  We were high school sweethearts and just celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary.   We have 4 children and 7 grandchildren (love the role of grandparents). ITS ALL ABOUT JESUS and we both have a passion for His WORD and encouraging others with His promises, and LOVE PRAISING Our Lord!  Available anytime!

Jim and Donna Schafer

Jim was born and raised in wild wonderful West Virginia and moved to Florida in 1984. He and Donna have been married for 23 years and have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren between them. Jim and Donna started coming to Club Zion in 2000 and Jim was ordained as an Elder in 2009. Jim uses his background in administration and finance to assist Pastor Keith with the operational details of the ministry and serves as the church finance director. Jim…

Bill Schober

Bill has been at Club Zion since 2002.  Bill has been serving as a deacon since 2022 and is part of our Hospitality Ministry as well as the Construction Crew Lead for our church Mission Trips we take twice a year.   He has been self-employed since 1988 in the Construction field.  He has three daughters and four beautiful grandchildren.  Outside of the church you can find Bill fishing, four-wheeling, off-roading and traveling. He loves the Biblical truth that is…

Mike and Tracey Sweitzer

Mike and Tracey joined Club Zion in 2018 and became Deacons in 2023. They were originally from Frostburg, Maryland where they met and married.  Mike and Tracey have been married for 28 years. Mike is part of Club Zion Security team and helps where needed.  Tracey is a Greeter on Sunday mornings and Tuesday night. They feel Blessed to be part of a Wonderful Church Family , Love helping others and letting them know “It’s all about Jesus”

David Rothman

David joined Club Zion in 2019 and became a deacon in 2023. He has been serving as the youth leader since 2021 and is inspired to see the faith of the next generation. He’s been self-employed since 2011 as a professional artist. God has blessed him with many opportunities, including a few murals in Cocoa Beach. He’s a native Floridian who enjoys surfing and spending time with his daughter. His passion is to encourage others to love the Lord with…