1. Denise Mills

    Pastor Keith you introduced me to the book Jesus freaks I have just received a book called hearts on fire which is a book of eight women and the underground church and the stories of their costly faith I just was curious if you’ve seen it yet I’ll try to be visiting your church soon I want to thank you for telling me about Jesus freaks it was a wonderful heart-wrenching book and taught me I have a lot of work to do in my faith to Jesus Christ my Lord.

    • Callie Boyer

      Hello Denise, thanks for reaching out! Pastor Keith said he hasn’t heard of “Hearts on Fire” yet but he’ll look into it. He also wanted me to let you know that there is a Jesus Freaks: Part 2 if you are interested in reading more! We are looking forward to having you visit us soon! Hope all is well with you, and God bless!

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