Teachings on Evangelism

Our Gospel Our Message: 1 Thessalonians 1-10 (Tuesday 8/3/21)

Video (Watch) Audio (Listen) The Thessalonian church is excited about God despite their affliction.  Paul was sent there and the gospel is spread and is now writing to encourage them.  We are not to isolate but to go out and spread the Word.  Be a Christian that observes, interprets and does the Word through the Holy Spirit.

“Envy Gets in the Way of God’s Purpose” – Acts 5:16-42 (Sunday 5/23/21)

In the last Part of Acts 5, after the apostles are freed from prison by the Angel of the Lord, the religious leaders still asked Peter not to speak in the name of Jesus, but he replied in verse 29, “We will serve God and not man”. These leaders then plotted to kill them, but Gamaliel advised them to leave the followers alone. Pastor Keith points out that just as cod fish were more tasty when catfish were around, so…

“God Did it! Not me” – Acts 3 (Sunday 4/25/21)

In Acts 3 the topic of the lame man asking for money at the temple is explained. Peter tells him to look at us and the man was expecting to receive. Peter tells him in verse 6 to rise up and walk in the name of Jesus, then Peter, with no indication of healing takes him by the hand and the lame man is healed (Acts 3:7). The people were amazed, but Peter reminds them is was done through the…

“Do You want to follow Jesus?” – John 20&21 (Sunday 4/11/21)

In John 20:24-31, Thomas first doubts and then believes after he sees Jesus. In verse 29 we are told blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed. In verse 31, we learn these things are written so we will believe and have life in His name. We are so blessed that the story of the very patriarchs of the church having doubts. In John 21, Jesus finds the disciples going back to fishing, their old life. How easy…

Are You Salty?

How do you taste? Our lives as Christians should be flavored in such a way as to cause others to want to know Jesus.