“God Did it! Not me” – Acts 3 (Sunday 4/25/21)

“God Did it! Not me” – Acts 3 (Sunday 4/25/21)

In Acts 3 the topic of the lame man asking for money at the temple is explained. Peter tells him to look at us and the man was expecting to receive. Peter tells him in verse 6 to rise up and walk in the name of Jesus, then Peter, with no indication of healing takes him by the hand and the lame man is healed (Acts 3:7). The people were amazed, but Peter reminds them is was done through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ who they crucified, but could still have hope in (Acts 3:16).

The world is spiritually disabled and laying in the filth of the world. Every day Christians wake up as the temple of the living God. People are at the feet of the temple and need the power we have through Jesus and the gospel message to transform them. Be prepared to give an account of the hope in you (1 Peter 3:15).


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