Teachings by Keith Capizzi

“Celebrate the Providence of God” – Esther 9 & 10 (Tuesday 6/15/21)

On the day that the Jews were to be annihilated, the opposite actually occurs, and the Jews overpower their enemies. Mordecai becomes famous for rescuing the Jews from their terrible fate. The Jews celebrate with feasting and gladness as they vanquish their enemies all over the region. They establish the holy day of Purim to celebrate the time that Esther successfully petitioned the king and order all generations of Jews to celebrate that day each year.

The Power of God: Acts 8 (6/13/2021)

In Acts 8, Saul approved of the stoning of Stephen and was a persecutor of the church. This action was legal and applauded, much as today’s abortion is legal and applauded. People were dragged out of their houses. When the church was spread they continued to teach the gospel. God uses the evil intended for good.

“Can You Find the Gospel in Here?” – Esther 7 & 8 (Tuesday 6/8/21)

Queen Esther, at the banquet provided to her by the king, petitions the king to save her people from annihilation. The king discovers that Haman was behind the plot to exterminate the Jews and orders him to be hanged on the gallows that Haman had prepared for Mordecai. Mordecai is ordained the head of the house of Haman and is given his signet ring. Esther pleads with the king to revoke the order against the Jews by Haman, and the…

When the Wicked Fall: Esther 6 (Tuesday 6/01/21)

Esther Chapter 6 describes the events before the next banquet that Esther prepares for the King and Haman. The night before the banquet, the King could not sleep and the chronicles were read to him. He discovered that nothing had been done for Mordecai who had informed the king of a plot against him. Haman ends up having to honor Mordecai in the way Hammond wanted to be honored. Pastor Keith shows us in Psalms 37 to not fret. God…

“Deacons and Deceivers” – Acts 6 (Sunday 5/30/21)

In Acts 6 deacons were selected to care for the widows and needs for the church. One deacon who was filled with the Holy Spirit, Stephen, was chosen as a deacon and then accused of blaspheming. Pastor Keith shows us that those who accuse will have to face God for the lies they told about us. We are not to be troubled, but to trust God.

“Prepare the Gallows” – Esther 5 (Tuesday 5/25/21)

Esther goes before the king, who presents her with his golden scepter, granting her favor and offering her a request of up to half his kingdom. Esther merely requests that the king and Haman come to a banquet she has prepared. Later, Haman sees Mordecai, who does not tremble before him, which infuraties Haman. Haman’s wife and friends advise him to make a gallows for Mordecai, and at the banquet submit a request to the king that he be hanged.…

“Envy Gets in the Way of God’s Purpose” – Acts 5:16-42 (Sunday 5/23/21)

In the last Part of Acts 5, after the apostles are freed from prison by the Angel of the Lord, the religious leaders still asked Peter not to speak in the name of Jesus, but he replied in verse 29, “We will serve God and not man”. These leaders then plotted to kill them, but Gamaliel advised them to leave the followers alone. Pastor Keith points out that just as cod fish were more tasty when catfish were around, so…