Teachings on Acts

Never Giving Up: Acts 18 (Sunday 9/19/21)

Pastor Keith teaches about Paul’s Journey from Athens to Corinth. Although Corinth was a city of great sin, God has many in that city! Pastor Keith encourages us all to share the gospel. Watch (Video) Listen (Audio)

Heeding the Call: Acts 16 (Sunday 9/5/21)

Video Audio (Listen) Pastor Keith teaches us to heed the call of the Lord just as Paul heeded the call to go to Macedonia and then follow the Holy Spirit to wait to deliver the gospel. He also shows us how the evil spirit was cast our of the servant girl who was using the the truth about Paul’s ministry to actually distract the message. We also should be careful to stay focused on the God’s word and not distractions.

Introduction to 1 Thessalonians – (Tuesday 7/27/21)

Video (Watch) Audio (Listen) 1 Thessalonians is believed to have been written by Paul the Apostle around 51 AD. Paul writes a letter to the church of Thessalonica in order to warn them of the vulnerability in compromising with unbelievers. He desired to ground them in Christian doctrine and urges them to stay steadfast in their faith and not return to immorality.

Peter Preaches to the Gentiles: Acts:10 (Sunday 7/25/21)

Video (Watch) Audio (Listen) In Acts 10, Peter and Cornelius are two men that pray.  Peter is shown in a vision that he should not call unclean things that God made clean (meat and gentiles).  Peter resisted at first, but then went to preach the gospel to the gentiles.  We should learn from this to pray and to step out when God says to step out.

Jesus uses Peter to Heal: Acts 9:32-43 (Sunday 7/18/21)

Video (Watch) Audio (Listen) In the last part of Acts 9 Peter journeys to Lydda, but when a woman of faith and charitable works Tabitha (also called Dorcas) died in nearby Joppa, the saints sent for Peter. Peter went up to the room where Dorcas laid, sent the weepers out of the room, knelt down to pray and said Tabitha arise. We bring the dead to life through Christ when we share the gospel. Just like peter we need to…

The Power of God: Acts 8 (Sunday 6/13/2021)

Video (Watch) Audio (Listen) In Acts 8, Saul approved of the stoning of Stephen and was a persecutor of the church. This action was legal and applauded, much as today’s abortion is legal and applauded. People were dragged out of their houses. When the church was spread they continued to teach the gospel. God uses the evil intended for good.