“Prepare the Gallows” – Esther 5 (Tuesday 5/25/21)

“Prepare the Gallows” – Esther 5 (Tuesday 5/25/21)

Esther goes before the king, who presents her with his golden scepter, granting her favor and offering her a request of up to half his kingdom. Esther merely requests that the king and Haman come to a banquet she has prepared. Later, Haman sees Mordecai, who does not tremble before him, which infuraties Haman. Haman’s wife and friends advise him to make a gallows for Mordecai, and at the banquet submit a request to the king that he be hanged. Haman is satisfied with that resolution and orders a gallows to be made.

Pastor Keith discusses how sometimes the most fertile ground to harvest new believers is in the most unexpected places.


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