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Even a Serpent has no Authority over us: Acts 28 (11/28/21)

Watch (Video) Listen (Audio) Paul and the Shipwrecked crew all make it to Malta where they were shown exceptional kindness by the unsaved islanders. Pastor Keith reminds us that this should be an example of how we are to treat people. Paul was unharmed after being bitten by a poisonous snake, and after arriving at Rome as a prisoner was allowed to teach the gospel for 2 years. God will also use the circumstances in your life for good when…

A Great Day for Sailing: Acts 27 (11/21/21)

Watch (Video) Listen (Audio) Pastor Keith shares Paul’s sail to Rome. The men on the boat listen to the “experts” instead Paul who was proclaiming God’s plan. Paul went from prisoner to captain by following the Holy Spirit in the midst of adversity.

King Agrippa Prepares Paul’s Case: Acts 25 & 26 (11/14/21)

Watch (Video) Listen (Audio) Paul’s case is heard before King Agrippa. Paul share’s his conversion story and asks Lord what do you want me to do. King Agrippa is almost convinced to be a Christian and Festus does not believe. Pastor Keith encourages us to also ask the Lord what He wants us to do

Paul’s Conversion: Acts 22 (10/24/21)

Watch (Video) Listen (Audio) Paul is explaining his conversion before the angry crowd in Jerusalem. Paul’s question when God spoke to Him in the Light was “what do you want me to do Lord?” Pastor Keith explains that this should be our attitude before the Lord instead of asking the Lord to change our circumstances