Teachings from September 2020

Hebrews 4, Part 2 (Tuesday 9/22/20)

The Tabernacle was preached to the Israelites and was a picture of the gospel. The Israelites bring their sacrifice to the bronze alter, which was made of acacia wood (represents humanity)and wrapped in bronze (represents judgment and salvation), to the courtyard of the tabernacle . It is here where the Israelites believed in faith to sacrifice the animal for the sins of the people. God wanted to dwell with His people but there needs to be a payment for sin.…

“Faith in Jesus is the Rest” – Hebrews 4, Part 1 (Tuesday 9/15/20)

In Hebrews chapter 4, Paul reminds the Jews that there is rest in Jesus through faith. In verse 8 Paul shows that Joshua still speaks of a future rest so entering the promise land was not the rest. If we hear the word without faith it does not benefit us, but if we hear the word with faith we can rest. If we buy a house we expect to take possession of the house. We cannot enter the rest if…

“Jesus is Better Than Moses” – Hebrews 3 (Tuesday 9/8/20)

Learn how Jesus is not only different than Moses, but why He is better than Moses. Jesus was better in His Person; in His ministry; and in the rest He gives us. In His Person He a son in the house of God not a servant, in His ministry He is both an apostle and high priest, in His rest… we find freedom from the bondage of sin.