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Legalism vs Grace

“Children of God” – Galatians 4 (Tuesday 2/2/21)

Jesus the Son of God has redeemed us. We are no longer slaves but are now children of God. Liberty gives us all we need to live Christian lives. But living under law is living in bondage which is living as beggars. To walk in grace in the liberty of Christ leaves you strong and adequately equipped. We are free from bondage! We are free from works of the Law. There is freedom in Christ! The law brings death; Jesus…

“Stay In The Race And Keep Running” – Hebrews 12 (Tuesday 12/12/20)

WARNING! WARNING! This chapter is a warning to us, do not become tired, worn or bitter. Keep pressing on, an athlete does not spend a lifetime training for their big race only to give up and stop running just short of the finish line. So it is in our lives, we cannot leave Jesus and try to return to life without Him. If we try to we find there is nothing there for us.

“Jesus is Better Than Moses” – Hebrews 3 (Tuesday 9/8/20)

Learn how Jesus is not only different than Moses, but why He is better than Moses. Jesus was better in His Person; in His ministry; and in the rest He gives us. In His Person He a son in the house of God not a servant, in His ministry He is both an apostle and high priest, in His rest… we find freedom from the bondage of sin.

“Jesus is Better” – Introduction to Hebrews (Tuesday 8/4/20)

Do good people go to heaven? Who sets the standard of “good” and can you measure up to it? The answer is no one is good, no one lives up to the standard of good. This is why we need a better way, better than than the angels, better than Moses, better than Aaron, better than the Law. We need Jesus.

Are You Salty?

How do you taste? Our lives as Christians should be flavored in such a way as to cause others to want to know Jesus.