“Jesus and the Temple” – Hebrews 9 (Tuesday 11/17/20)

“Jesus and the Temple” – Hebrews 9 (Tuesday 11/17/20)

Hebrews chapter 9 explains that Jesus is represented by symbolism in the temple.

First there is the acacia wood which represents humanity. The wood is wrapped in gold which represents deity of Christ. The showbread represents that Jesus is the bread of life. The candle represents that Jesus is the light of the world and there are seven candles because Jesus is perfect. The incense burner represents the prayers of the saints and Jesus offers up intercession for the saints, Inside the arc is Aaron‘s budding rod representing the dead coming back to life. The blood is offered also on the mercy seat.

In Christ we are able to lay our lives down and enter the Holy of Holies.

The new covenant is in Christ who is the mediator of the covenant. Your sins are paid for but you have to believe to have forgiveness as the only unforgivable sin is denying the Holy Spirit in unbelief.


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