“God is Enduring” – Psalm 136 (Sunday 3/7/21)

“God is Enduring” – Psalm 136 (Sunday 3/7/21)

In the book of Esther, Esther held a banquet for Hammond and the King.  Hammond was responsible for setting up the order to have God’s people killed and for building gallows to hang Mordecai (Esther’s uncle who was mourning at the gate, but had been a loyal servant of the king).  In God’s mighty sovereignty, Mordecai was hung on those very gallows.  God is always faithful even when all the circumstances are against you.  God has a plan.  God’s plan never fails and all over plans always fail.

In Psalm 136 God’s endless mercy is described.  In verse 11 God brings Israel out of Egypt and he can bring you out of your misery.  In verse 13, He parts the Red Sea.  Is your trouble bigger than the parting the Red Sea?  In verse 16 He leads us out of the wilderness and he can lead us through our wilderness of emotion, finances, friends, etc).  In verse 17 he removes kings and there is no one in power that God cannot remove.  He sets up kinds and tears them down.  He that is in you is greater than He that is in the world.  In verse 21, he gives land to His servants.  We should desire the property of others.  We have a kingdom waiting for us.  We are more than a conqueror through Christ.  In verse 23 He remembers our lowly state and he will remember you in your troubles.

With God on your side, there is no need to fear.  God’s people have eternal hope.  His truth endures to all generations (Psalm 100:5). In Psalm 118:5 The Lord answers in our distress and puts us in a good place.  God is worthy of our praise.


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