“Can You Find the Gospel in Here?” – Esther 7 & 8 (Tuesday 6/8/21)

“Can You Find the Gospel in Here?” – Esther 7 & 8 (Tuesday 6/8/21)

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Queen Esther, at the banquet provided to her by the king, petitions the king to save her people from annihilation. The king discovers that Haman was behind the plot to exterminate the Jews and orders him to be hanged on the gallows that Haman had prepared for Mordecai. Mordecai is ordained the head of the house of Haman and is given his signet ring. Esther pleads with the king to revoke the order against the Jews by Haman, and the king allows her to send out a decree with his name on it. The Jews rejoice at their unexpected change of fate, and many people became Jews as a result. Pastor Keith discusses how even though God is not mentioned once in the Book of Esther, He is the true star of the show.

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    Love you bible study! Being able to study at my own pace and time is a great option. Thank you for sharing the class with everyone

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