1. Anita L Barbee

    Just going on this morning to register for the surf camp and see that it is already closed. I thought registration started today? Is there a wait list?

    • Callie Boyer

      Yes, I apologize but registration closed May 13th and we have already reached full capacity. There is a wait list so feel free to send over your registration and we will put you on the list. Thank you!

  2. Maria Elena Juarez

    Is there a place to get on a waiting list for the surf camp? I see that it was closed on the 13th.

    • Callie Boyer

      Yes, if you send in your notarized registration with a photo we will put you on our waitlist and contact you if anyone should cancel. We have registration forms available in our office or at the front desk of our sanctuary, or we can email you one if you need. Let me know how else I can help!

  3. Monica Pasqualle

    Wondered if I already have already the background check with calvary chapel Merritt island is it possible to get it sent to you via Tina schantzen?
    In case you still need volunteers. How many volunteers are needed my husband is also cleared. Didn’t register our daughter because she is only 9years old and online mentioned 12 years old and older? What that correct information? Thank you for your time. Should we volunteer can our daughter participate as volunteer helper? Thank you for all of your efforts in this endeavor.

    • Callie Boyer

      Hello! We have an online resource that we use for background checks that is no cost to you, but we will have to redo the check through our system. We still need volunteers if you and your husband are interested, however volunteers must be 18 and over. Our surf camp is strictly for ages 12-19 so in a couple of years we look forward to having your daughter join us 🙂 Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

  4. David Metcalf

    Could you send me a registration, in case there is a last minute drop out? My son Andrew (12) has some friends attending.

    Thanks you, David Metcalf, metcalf@digital.net

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