A spiritual barrier island!

A spiritual barrier island!

Whether you’re new to the area and just Googled “churches near me” or if you’ve lived in the area for a while, you’ll notice something special about Cocoa Beach.

Yes, there’s rocket launches.

Yes, there’s a beautiful beach and river.

But, there’s something of greater value; we live in a community of God fearing people with a love for His son, Jesus Crist.

It shows on stats.

Cocoa Beach’s population fluctuates but is currently sitting at just under 12,000 people.

In Cocoa Beach, there’s approximately 12 churches (i.e., places of worship) and even more religious organizations like Saint Vincent DePaul and Grace Life Outreach (i.e., outreach and home visits).

This figure is an estimate as some churches open and close and some lists count churches in areas outside of Cocoa Beach, such as Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island.

What’s the point?

This effectively means we have 1 church for every 1,000 people.

And that is pretty incredible.

It shows on maps.

A simple Google search will get you to a church in the area. Google lists churches in its map as well as a list of websites designed to show you lists of churches in particular lactations (i.e., articles like “best churches” or “top ten churches”).

It shows up on the radio.

Given the domographics of this area, it makes sense that radio networks publish programs designed for a spiritual area like ours.

There’s WMIE-FM on 91.5 FM run by the National Christian Network. There’s WCIF on 106.3 FM run by the First Baptist Church, Inc.

What’s cooler than that? Well, WRRJ is a reggae music station on 89.7 FM, which you would not typically expect to promote Christian values. However, WRRJ has coordinated with Club Zion and broadcasts messages and services from Club Zion Church.

It shows on the face of our community.

From Sunday church services to Tuesday Bible study, to Surf Camp, to the Christmas Parade, to our Project Help ministry, Club Zion Church is in the Cocoa Beach community and prays that it will continue to have a positive impact there for years to come.

You’re here.

We’re here.

Let’s enjoy the opportunity to worship together as Club Zion Church.

Come join us, today!


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