“Who Are You Following?” – John 9:13-20 (Sunday 1/24/21)

“Who Are You Following?” – John 9:13-20 (Sunday 1/24/21)

A man born blind was healed by Jesus on the Sabbath. The Pharisees, who were rule-followers, bossy, arrogant and prideful said Jesus was not from God because He was not keeping the Sabbath. Others said “If this Man was not from God, He could do nothing.” Those who do not see will see.
Christ did not come to form a religion but a relationship.  Religion keeps rules and make people feel like they are good and safe. BUT it is only a relationship with Christ that truly keep us safe. “I AM THE DOOR, enter by Me and be saved.” – John 10:9. Sheep hear His voice and follow Him and He gives them life.

Who are you following?


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