“ABCs of the Faith” – Hebrews 6, Part 1 (Tuesday 10/13/20)

“ABCs of the Faith” – Hebrews 6, Part 1 (Tuesday 10/13/20)

Hebrews 6:1-3 is reminding the Jewish followers to move past the ABC’s of the Faith. The Jews wanted to remain in Judaism which was like a picture of Christ. The Jews wanted to stay with the picture (the Jewish faith) instead of grasping the actual real relationship with Christ. Paul reminds them to move on past repentance and faith, baptisms, laying on of hands and resurrection from the dead. These are explained:

Baptism is the cleansing of your heart not just a physical act of Baptism which is the public display of the internal Spiritual act. Note Baptisms here is plural because it is a continual washing by the sanctification of the Holy Spirit. (1 Pet 3:21).
The laying on of hands is for the setting apart as for a ministry as in Acts 19:6, Luke 24:50 and 1Timothy 4:14. The resurrection will be a time of judgement which will be a replay of your life to give an account for non-believers and a judgement of reward for believers for what Christ did through the believer.


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